The Mission of the IACC

Bringing Us Together

The Mission of the Italian American Community Center is to sustain the social vitality and cultural vibrancy of the Italian American heritage by strengthening family life, uplifting human services, binding together the diverse historical traditions of Italians, and honoring the legacy of Italian immigration to the United States.

In a way that…

  1. Provides opportunities to gain new knowledge through educational, cultural, recreational, and sporting  events.
  2. Provides a meeting place for social and professional gatherings in Rochester
  3. Facilitates community involvement through working partnerships with other community-based organizations
  4. Creates opportunities for interacting with other ethnic and racial groups

So that we…

  1. Become a cohesive community proud of our Italian heritage
  2. Reduce the incidence of ethnic stereotyping and bias
  3. Enable seniors to participate in family and community life
  4. Gain respect for our heritage by children and youth
  5. Practice good citizenship skills
  6. Sustain a focal point in the community where every Italian American and those who appreciate Italian culture can acquire and practice our cultural traditions

Explore our beautiful facility!

The Grand Ballroom at the Center features a luxurious balcony that can accommodate your next event.


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